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Modern landscape sculpture applied to landscape design
1. innovation of design elements
Modern landscape sculpture has more language and technology than ever before. Sometimes it is not a single sculpture in the landscape, but the application of color, sound, texture, light and shadow, and other artistic forms of language and terrain, plants, water, buildings, structures and other physical elements to create gardens and environment, create a sculpture space, evoke unique artistic charm and charming scenery.
2. modern and traditional dialogues
In the process of formation, the traditional sculpture language has profound cultural details and skillful operation skills. It uses traditional forms and contents to find new meanings, to form new visual images, or to retain the traditional spirit and content. With the traditional composition and layout of modern technology, materials, applied to the landscape, add a trace of retro charm for modern cities, intriguing.
3. explore the meaning of giving spiritual connotation.
Landscape architecture is the product of human civilization. Its inherent spiritual and cultural heritage is inseparable from the landscape with specific meaning. Sculpture can be used as symbols, metaphors and other connotations in its environment through its elements, mechanisms, colors and other elements. And give the garden its cultural significance.
Modern landscape sculpture has a tremendous impact on gardens, leaving them out of the traditional world, forming a free plane and spatial layout, forming a simple and lively style and rich design techniques. No matter how the content and style change, its expressive force is quite rich and infectious. Under the influence of technology and technology, landscape sculpture combines with natural elements such as topography, vegetation and water flow, and is closely related to modern materials. The modern living space is inject new vitality and show its unique charm. With the acceleration of the pace of modern urban construction, people's increasing demand for living environment and people's pursuit of spiritual value, this makes us have a commitment to the environment and sculpture designers. Deepening and exploring new categories of research topics: broadening knowledge, strengthening the spirit of dialogue and cooperation among designers of various disciplines, enhancing the cultivation of environmental space feeling, understanding and processing ability, understanding the development technology of modern science, mastering the special new materials, familiarizing with modern scientific processing methods, and enhancing the aesthetic consciousness and Humanities of modern design Ideas and modern thinking. In this way, our landscapes and sculptures can be more diversified and create excellent landscapes.
This article is organized by Shandong Mianmiao Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. . We will provide you with the latest knowledge of Shandong landscape sculpture. Interested friends can pay attention to us, thank you!!

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