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Shandong Landscape Sculpture Talking about the Extension of Civilization and Value of Urban Landscape Sculpture
1. Types of Urban Sculpture
Urban sculpture can be roughly divided into several categories according to its secondary function: remembrance, theme, decoration and entertainment.
Memorial sculpture is the backbone and representative of urban sculpture art, an important type in every country and era, and a microcosm and expression of history. They eulogize and advocate those who have made great contributions and achievements to the country and the nation in history in a realistic way, remembering and remembering those events that have had a serious impact in history. It expresses the ideas and thoughts of the ruling class of the country and immerses the smell and pulse of the times.
Subjectivity sculpture represents a theme of serious social significance, such as war, freedom, success, contribution... They often use abstract language, meaning and moral means to remind the theme of a particular environment and building. For example, the memorial tablet of the people's heroes in Tiananmen Square, the Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo's work "David" is a representative work of this way.
Decorative sculpture decorative sculpture is the most common way of fragmentation of urban landscape. Such works are not limited to specific themes and contents, and the decoration and vilification of the environment are their themes. Decorative sculpture techniques focus on interest, style varies. Their creative style has the effect of cultivating and nurturing people's feelings.
Exhibition sculpture is to arrange many excellent sculpture works like exhibition decoration, so that the public can concentrate on appreciation of a variety of sculpture works of art. For example, Japan's Hakone Takashi layers thousands of sculptures in beautiful scenery and rugged terrain valleys, so that these works of art in the mountains, green fields, flowers and shadows.
2. Civilization Extension of Urban Sculpture Art
Urban sculpture is a form of invention that mankind ceases civilization. It is a comprehensive art that integrates the artist's body world with his environment, space and audience's mind. Ancient city sculpture has become an indispensable part of the human landscape of cities all over the world. It is an obvious symbol of a country's level of civilization, the meaning of a nation's outlook, as well as the meaning of a country or the extent to which a social and economic civilization develops. The landmark sculpture of a city represents the extension and grade of civilization of a city, reflects the physical temperament of a city, is the most ineffective way to artistically record the history and civilization of a country and city, and represents the civilized level and physical appearance of the city and the region. Urban sculpture is the soul of the city. It represents the physical appearance and comprehensive strength of the whole city. With its distinctive civilized characteristics, it establishes an extraordinary abstraction for the city artistically. Therefore, the extension of civilization included in urban sculpture is difficult to compare with other civilized shapes.
3. Aesthetic and Social Values of Urban Sculpture
The role of city sculpture lies in uglifying the appearance of the city and enriching the civilizations of the people. As an important part of urban civilization, it plays an immeasurable role in urban space. Beauty and nobility are the important scope of sculpture aesthetics. Urban sculpture, as a symbol of a city, often has a huge volume, which can arouse the viewer's feeling of nobility and magnificence. Absolutely speaking, small urban sculptures often give people a vulgar and beautiful aesthetic feeling. With the improvement of human society, the function of art as a form of political understanding is weakening, and "pleasure and cultivation" has become the secondary aesthetic education function of art. Because of its common astronomical status and affinity, urban sculpture has formed a good interactive relationship between works and audiences. The aesthetic effect of urban sculpture has improved the audience's aesthetic level, and in the past has also achieved a good environment for urban sculpture. The good form of environmental art in Oriental countries is inseparable from their artistic and social atmosphere for many years.
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